Bhushan, I. and Parshad, R. and Qazi, G.N. and Ingavle, G. and Jamalpure, T. M. and Rajan, C.R. and Ponrathnam, S. and Gupta, V.K. (2007) Macroporous Beads for Lipase Immobilization: Kinetic Resolution of a Racemic Drug Intermediate. Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers, 22 (2). pp. 174-194. ISSN 0883-9115

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Lipase isolated from Arthrobacter sp. (RRLJ-1, MTCC No. 5125,named ABL), is effective in resolving a wide range of racemic drug intermediates.In this study, ABL was immobilized on a series of synthetic macroporous epoxy copolymers beads with varying pore sizes, surface area and hydrophobicity.Poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-ethylene dimethacrylate) beads, with 75% crosslink density and 10% of epoxy groups modified with dibutyl amine[GMA-EGDM-75 (10% DBA)] had a pore volume of 0.77 mL/g and a surface area of 86.05m2/g; these beads were optimally suitable for ABL immobilization.The covalent binding of the lipase was optimized by varying the ionic strength, buffers, pH, temperature and time. The optimal binding was achieved in 100 mM phosphate buffer at 4

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